AD18 Block 2 – for autistic adults.

There are a very limited number of places available for Block 2 of Autism Dialogue 2018 (AD18) in Sheffield.  Autism Dialogue is a new peer-group activity using special techniques of group communication, which you will be shown and will be able to immediately put to use in the sessions.

IMPORTANT – Dialogue is fairly easy to learn and take a lifetime to practice.  Before booking you must agree to and understand the contents on this page. Then read this page to read our Frequently asked questions. When you are sure you understand the material and agree to support the collective aims of Dialogue, please visit and read this page carefully before you book:
Please feel free to forward this email.

*You must be able to attend all three sessions and identify as autistic to attend (official diagnosis is not necessary). The dates are:

Aug 10th
Sep 21st
Oct 12th
Nov 23rd (just added!) – here we will bring all our non-autistic delegates back!(1.15pm-4.30pm)

Quotes from other autistic delegates:

“After leaving the dialogue session I felt an unusual calm, almost as if a burden had been lifted. The dialogue session provided a safe space to discuss autism in a personal, compassionate way, with no agenda being pushed by anyone and no targets or goals being worked towards – just a safe, civilised, and mutually respectful way to engage with the subject and each other.”

“Interesting links were made between really different subjects, all with the threads of an autistic perspective running through.”

“Attending Autism Dialogue for the first time was a wonderful experience and I would enthusiastically recommend it to other autistic adults who would like to have an open and compassionate discussion about autism, their own experiences and lives, and the ways that autism can be approached, shared, and even celebrated.”

(Quotes from recent autistic attendees)


Quaker Meeting House, 10 Saint James’ Street, Sheffield, S1 2EW.  
(in the middle of the city centre near to the cathedral)
Video of entry into room:


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