Autism Dialogue Conference 2018 – news & booking.



Sheffield Quaker Centre BuildingThis full day conference and workshop is a celebration and consolidation of eighteen months practice in this new field, with around fifty participants in various settings.  It is a unique opportunity for you to learn from the (mostly autistic) organisers and researchers, hear first-hand experiences from a range of delegates and engage in a Dialogue yourself, if you want.

There will be autistic people, autism researchers, practitioners, clinicians, families and supporters from around the UK. As a group, we will discuss the elementals of dialogue, key areas of priority, research, potential benefits and areas of implementation.

Sensory sensitivity is a large and important element of the autism dialogue practice. Most autistic people have social interfacing differences/difficulties. We want you, as an autistic person, to feel valued as a unique and special person.  This day is your time and space to freely and safely explore, learn and merge with other people in a spirit of autistic enquiry.

Full conference information page here (some details subject to changes).

Join us for:

  • keynote speeches from: Jonathan Drury (Autism Dialogue), Jane Ball (co-founder Academy of Professional Dialogue), Carol Povey (Director of the Centre for Autism, National Autistic Society), Anna Nibbs (Learning and Teaching Enhancement Adviser, University of Sheffield)
  • oral presentations from participants, researchers & practitioners including Libby Scott and her mum, Kym, Hester Reeve (Reader, Sheffield Hallam University), James Pelham, Dinah Murray, Panda Mery, Peter Brown, Jenn Layton, Rachel Yates (Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist, Cygnet Health Care). 
    Full list of speakers here
  • parallel dialogue sessions
  • Q & A panel
  • network opportunities
  • get involved

Main Meeting Room, Sheffield Quaker Friends Meeting House.
Main Meeting Room, Sheffield Quaker Friends Meeting House. (the chairs will be in rows for the main parts of the conference)

14th December 2018.  9.30am – 5pm.
Quaker Meeting House, 10 Saint James’ Street, Sheffield, S1 2EW. UK – View Map
We will do our best to make this event ‘autism-friendly’ and enjoyable as possible for all.  For example, all speakers are very autism-aware and we have a dedicated quiet room. The venue has full wheelchair access. There is no obligation to attend the dialogue workshops or to contribute at all during the day.

There will be a maximum of 80 attendees present. The cost for the full day conference is £25. If you would like to sponsor a place or places for anyone in need but prohibited by cost, please contact us now.

Please feel free to make an additional donation to support our costs here.

Developed by leading social and quantum scientist David Bohm and his associates in the 1980’s, Dialogue has become an internationally renowned professional practice in a wide variety of areas.  More information about Autism Dialogue here.

Read testimonials from previous participants here.

You can view a video of the Quaker Meeting House here.


Autism Dialogue is a volunteer-led grass roots organisation.
We are proud members of (and adhere to the Professional Standards of) the Academy of Professional Dialogue and Sheffield Autistic Society.

Directions, parking, venue details etc. here

If you want to pay other than using the online Eventbrite system , please email us and we will accommodate you.

Questions?  Get in touch.

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