Autism Dialogue; a Research Proposal

Scottish Autism 2018 Conference Dialogue Poster webversion
(c) J Drury & L Milne 2018

The proposal that Dr. Liz Milne and Jonathan Drury worked on is above in poster form.  It was displayed in Glasgow at the Scottish Autism 2018 conference, ‘Innovation in Practice; the Future is Calling’. We believe Bohm Dialogue offers a brand new, truly participatory framework for different kinds of autism research.  This particular proposal has two aims that we feel encompass a general approach; well-being and cohesion.  It has not yet received funding and so our 2018 Autism Dialogue programme (AD18) was not, nor was intended as, a formal research study. We still await partners and funding.  Participatory work is a highly specialist area and our community is in the embryonic stage, it includes a growing team of researchers who believe Bohm Dialogue can work alone as a practice or alongside other current models in different research studies.

The hi-res version is here in PDF.

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