Hello 2019 & a new programme.

Just a brief post to say we’re still here! We thought our December conference was a smash hit and have had lots of fantastic feedback.  Please have a listen to some of the talks and subscribe to the podcast channel as we’re going to be releasing some interviews soon.  Do you want to be interviewed?  Get in touch!

The other big news is that the 2019 programme is now open for booking this year!  Head over to the information page or go straight to book on Eventbrite.  If you don’t want to use Eventbrite just email us instead.  Places are free!  If you can, we would like a donation, to help with expenses, details on the information pages.  It’s awesome to have Caroline Pakel co-convening this year, she’s a really experienced and interesting facilitator and you can read about her work and read her heart-warming blog.

We’ve quite a lot going on behind the scenes and other events planned, including with the Academy of Professional Dialogue which is really exciting.  Quite frankly, we didn’t know we would even still be in existence after the conference, as the day served to help us decide for this year.  We’re now setting up as a society, the money balanced last year too and we’ve even got a separate bank account.  Please keep your donations coming at our JustGiving page.

That’s all for now! Take care.

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