Autism Dialogue in the NHS?

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‘Developing Open Dialogue’

AUTISM DIALOGUE shares many similar principles with ‘Open Dialogue’, chiefly that we are a growing social network who believes in the power of a special way of communicating, together as a whole community.

“It’s something that happens between people.”
– Timo Haaraneimi, Open Dialogue.

‘OPEN DIALOGUE’ was created from a passion to find different ways of understanding mental health difficulties. It is a social network approach, involving family members, friends and others who are concerned. It brings together all those who are important in the lives of patients, from family and friends to professionals and aims to offer a coordinated and consistent approach.

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“The patient’s family, friends and social network are seen as ‘competent or potentially competent partners in the recovery process [from day one]” (Seikkula & Arnkil 2006)

Did you know Open Dialogue is effective and works, and has been operating in the NHS for several years.  Can we hope to achieve the same for Autism?  Can we integrate Autism Dialogue within the NHS and build on the pioneering work of Open Dialogue, instead having the NHS and other health care organisations as equal partners in our network?  Watch the trailer below and have a think! Although there are some obvious comparisons we can learn from, clearly, autism is a very wide social phenomenon (and not a mental illness) and we have a long way to go, meaning all the more urgency.

Join us, at least in the vision.

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