By facilitating Dialogue groups for as many people as possible, both living and working in the worlds of autism, our aim is to help bridge gaps in the world-view of autism, work towards a deeper understanding and more unified consensus, and therefore help provide a better quality of life for autistic people.

We convene (almost) monthly since 2017, and in November 2019 we host our second conference, thereafter forming into a social enterprise.

Background to Autism Dialogue

After a few years facilitating Dialogue in various settings, Jonathan Drury began to explore the benefits of dialogue for autistic people and the whole field of autism, reaching out to Liz Milne at Sheffield Autism Research Lab. The first Autism Dialogue in September 2017, which formed a part of Liz’s British Academy funded project, was for professionals and students, to explore together how they might take forward the idea of dialogue for autism.  Also in attendance at the first Dialogue were autistic adults, Professor Matthew Belmonte, a number of PhD students and parents of autistic people.   Jonathan then ran a monthly dialogue just for autistic people, which expanded into a public series we called AD18.

Jonathan Drury, founder.

Diagnosed with ‘Asperger Syndrome’ and ADHD in 2014,  Jonathan has a BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art, a Post-graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum and is studying Coaching & Mentoring at Masters level.

He has a professional background in socially engaged art for personal development (via a combination of art, philosophy and dialogue). He has decades of experience in spirituality-based disciplines and self-improvement methods, and a lifetime of experience of autism, applied in various settings with a wide range of people.  His operates a range of services  under Flowstates Consulting Ltd, an organisation which also incorporates coaching & mentoring and is soon to become a social enterprise.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of Academy of Professional Dialogue.

What is Dialogue?

What is Autism?

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