In the light of the current coronavirus situation, I am offering one FREE 40mins coaching session per day.
Available for anyone in the world between 8am and 8pm GMT.  Book your slot by contacting me now.

Coaching and mentoring is suitable for

  • Autistic adults
  • Family members
  • Practitioners
  • Academics
  • Individual and groups / families

At this time we can use use Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and telephone.

Coaching and mentoring is a helping relationship that aims to balance and maximise your potential, by safely addressing your needs, privately and confidentially.

Qualifications & other experience:

  • PGCert Coaching & Mentoring (autism and dialogue focussed)
  • PGCert Autism Spectrum (dialogue & coaching focussed)
  • Specialist Support Mentor (autistic university students)
  • Autism mentor training
  • A lifetime of autistic experience
  • A broad range of life & work experience
  • A high level of insight into the autistic relationship
  • 12 years experience in personal development support
  • Certificates in health care, business, counselling, mediation and chaplaincy.

I work from a holistic, strengths-based perspective.  It can often be environmental misalignment and its inability to accommodate us that creates blockages, when we want to bring our strengths in to the world.  Coaching and mentoring can help you identify and deal with blocks, reduce anxiety, increase confidence and help bring you back into a sense of balance and harmony.

Coaching and mentoring is a proven way to improve personal life, work, study and anything else, to then carry on moving towards a healthier, fuller and happier life.

I have several autistic and non-autistic clients. I am working with people that work and study in the area. With extensive knowledge in autistic sensitivities and sensibilities, and hyper-empathic listening and dynamic accommodating, I will help tailor sessions to your specific needs to make sure you get the most out of them.


Do you train, work or research in autism? Being coached by an autistic person might turn your views upside down, so be careful!  I’m available to work with individuals and organisational groups in coaching or dialogue, depending on your needs.  I work  with:

autistic adults
families and support networks
academics and students
healthcare and teaching staff
third sector business & organisations

This will be a flexible arrangement, guided by your needs within your workplace, educational or personal life.  Limited availability – use the form below to enquire.

Send me a message and I’ll get back to you straight away.

 If you wish to explore coaching, we will begin with an explorative call or informal meet up to see if, and how, coaching or mentoring could benefit you.

Thank you. Jonny Drury