Professional Dialogue Facilitation – easy to learn group methodology to get everyone really talking, from eight to thirty participants per session (3 hrs minimum). Facilitation can be provided for any organisation, group, class or community, regardless of whether the focus is autism or not.  Facilitation for exclusive or mixed sessions of:

  • autistic adults and youth
  • families and support networks
  • academics and students
  • healthcare and teaching staff
  • third sector business & organisations
  • administration and management

For Dialogue, all you need is time, a quiet room with chairs and the people.  We can also help you find a suitable venue in your area.


Professional Excellence in Autism, Arts, Enterprise & Employment.
Delivering innovative training, interventions and solutions to a rapidly changing world.
– This is a joint interactive workshop for professionals, staff and students, delivered by autistic professionals Jonathan Drury and  Anna Nibbs.

Enquire for our list of packages, bespoke offers and rates.

Also available:

  • Basic autism understanding training – awareness is just the first step.
  • Consultations – bespoke & in-house, fresh views to improve your knowledge and output.
  • Conference Speaking – inspirational and motivational speeches for any audience.

Please email or call with your enquiries.