Professional Dialogue facilitation can be provided for any organisation, group, class or community, regardless of whether the focus is autism or not.  We can facilitate exclusive or mixed sessions for:

  • autistic adults and youth
  • families and support networks
  • academics and students
  • healthcare and teaching staff
  • third sector business & organisations
  • administration and management

Jonathan, our main dialogue facilitator, has a broad field of experience to draw upon including running an international organic food business, working in the disabilities sector, autism health care, mindfulness, devising and delivering self-enquiry-through-art workshops, organising live music events, overland travel to the Middle East, living on a Scottish island, thirty years practicing chi-gong, retreats, mediation, raising a family and more.

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For Dialogue, all you need is time, a quiet room with chairs and the people.  We can also help you find a suitable venue in your area.

As well as dialogue facilitation, we are also available for

  • autism understanding training
  • autism advocacy
  • consultations & advisory
  • speaking engagements

Please email or call with your enquiries.