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Sheffield Autism Dialogue Support Group – Join our online community.
FREE PLACES available for autistic adults and parents / carers of autistic people of all ages.
Funded by NHS Sheffield

Every Wednesday from May 20th to July 22nd at 4pm – 5.30pm.



Where: On Zoom – using your camera and microphone (but you can keep them turned off and just listen if you want).

What: Listen and share your experiences on a topic chosen by you and the group each week.

Why: Recovery, empowerment, community. Listening and sharing with others in a community is a great way to feel better about yourself and stay healthy.  In fact it’s scientifically proven to be the best way to stay well.  This set of sessions is funded by the NHS in response to Coronavirus, to provide extra support. We take a strengths-based approach to autism and promote full participation and inclusivity.

Who: The group is open to anyone who identifies as autistic (you don’t need a diagnosis) and parents and carers of autistic adults and young people.

Is it confidential?  Yes.  Our work is all about being able to be honest and feel like you can share safely.  You can read our privacy policy here.

Who’s in charge?  Jonny Drury and Jackie Elliott run the sessions and they are both qualified and experienced facilitators.  Jonny has been doing this work in Sheffield for three years and elsewhere for over ten years.

Can I just drop-in and out of a session?  It’s best for everyone if you arrive on time and stay until the end.  You can turn off your video and even just listen to the other people speaking if you want.

Ten sessions sounds a lot.  Yes, isn’t that great?!  But you don’t have to attend all of them. You could just try one and come back if you like it.

OK so do I need to prepare? We only ask you read and understand these four ground rules:

  1. VOICE – speaking truthfully
  2. LISTEN – to what is really being said
  3. SUSPENSION – don’t judge, think carefully
  4. RESPECT – for yourself and each other

They are really useful in any conversation and you can read more about them here.

Safety. We want you to feel you can safely explore issues that are important to you as part of the group.  It is important to note this this not a discussion group for agendas or debates and we do not tolerate any statements that we feel undermine another person or their views. If you feel suspension of opinions would be too difficult for you not to challenge directly, please do not attend.

macbook with zoom logo with pens, notepad on wooden desk on rugAnything else? 
– Listen carefully to the facilitators (the people running the group).
– Please understand how to use Zoom (it’s a bit like FaceTime or Skype but for groups).  Ideally you need to have a computer to use Zoom but a pad or phone is ok.   You do not need a Zoom account.

There’s lots more information on this website and our other website, Dialogica.

OK! Sign me up!
Register here. It’s free.

Select ‘Sheffield NHS Funded – Free / 3 months’ and follow the links.

You will receive a link and an email with some basic information.

Any questions or enquiries, please email

We’re looking forward to meeting you.


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