Empowering and eye-opening..

Attending Autism Dialogue for the first time was a wonderful experience and I would enthusiastically recommend it to other autistic adults who would like to have an open and compassionate discussion about autism, their own experiences and lives, and the ways that autism can be approached, shared, and even celebrated through this style of group conversation.

I found it empowering and eye-opening to be able to talk about autism with my peers in the unique manner that Autism Dialogue provides and I think I’ll be able to carry this approach forward into my everyday reflections on my life.

I would encourage any autistic adult who can attend independently and express themselves verbally to come along and give it a try. There is no pressure to speak if you don’t want to, just to be there, listen, and engage if and when you choose to.

I could not imagine a more autism-friendly approach to discussing autism and everything that comes with it.  – A recent attendee at our monthly Dialogue for Autistic Adults.