Help with loneliness..

A slow, mindful, dialogue, good pace in which to really be able to think about input and sharing of information, stories etc.  Not noisy over overtalking, and no interrupting and ‘talking over’ others.  I am curious how this will work in a larger group, I may not ‘get on’ so well with it, but I will try again!  Afterwards I felt Good. Spaced out. But Tired.
I would recommend it to anyone interested in mindful interaction (dialogue?) who may, or may not, still be trying to ‘suss out’ a diagnosis. I hope I will learn lots from others as I have already after one session. I have also been able to reflect on other attendees experience and reflected that on my own experience.
It’s made me remember how isolating it is not to be able to be honest in the ‘real’/NT (?) world and it’s helped that loneliness for a while.
– An attendee at a recent Autism Dialogue