– Prof. Matt Belmonte – full quote

Autism Dialogue Network UK

Our aim is to be a fully participatory, international network to improve quality of life for all autistic people as well as increase cohesion for professionals, researchers and supporter networks.

Autism is a phenomenon which raises far-reaching questions into the nature of self, science, health, politics, cultures and society, with a wide range of often competing debates, theories and ideologies. Autism Dialogue, utilising radical methods of talking and thinking together in a truly participatory environment, provides the opportunity for a better common and more dynamic understanding of Autism.  Participants from all backgrounds and experiences will be empowered by new thinking, leading to increased self-knowledge, greater professional and community cohesion, a more inclusive and enriched society and perhaps most importantly, an improved autistic life-experience.

“Barefoot, dancing a round dance around a fire to the beat of Native American drums, in the moon of the croaking frogs – with a smile on his face, as if he was now a part of something he had long wished for. He had seen how being part of a different language means paying attention to reality in different ways.”
– Dan Moonhawk Alford writing about a memory of David Bohm (our inspiration for Autism Dialogue) at a meeting of the  Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, 1993.