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In 2019 we were already working online as well as in our usual meeting spaces.  We then moved fully online using Zoom in response to the COVID-19 restrictions.

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Autism Dialogue is a fully inclusive and participatory service that supports and encourages the widest acceptance of autism and the empowerment of autistic people.  We provide safe, fully participatory dialogue opportunities for the whole autism community, for experience sharing and knowledge transfer.  We advocate for those autistic people who need it, by disseminating knowledge through presentations, workshops and collaborations. Our aim is to improve quality of life for autistic people and improve cohesion of autism communities, professionals, researchers and support networks.  Read about who we are here.

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Autism is a phenomenon which raises far-reaching questions into the nature of self, science, health, politics, cultures and society, with a wide range of often competing debates, theories and ideologies. Autism Dialogue, utilising radical methods of talking and thinking together in a truly participatory environment, provides the opportunity for a better common and more dynamic understanding of Autism.  Participants from all backgrounds and experiences will be empowered by new thinking, leading to increased self-knowledge, greater professional and community cohesion, a more inclusive and enriched society and perhaps most importantly, an improved autistic life-experience.

– Prof. Matt Belmonte (MIT / Uni of Notts)