SHARP & SHARL: Cross-Uni Autism Discussion and Dialogue

*Please note, this event is by invitation only.*

SHARP – Sheffield Hallam Autism Research Partnership (UoS)
SHARL – Sheffield Autism Research Lab (SHU)

19th July 2018. 1pm-5pm.

Please arrive just before 1pm (as we will begin promptly) and be prepared to sit for the afternoon if possible.  There will be a 20 min break at 3pm.

Researchers from both Sheffield universities and different backgrounds will meet for a preliminary discussion and dialogue session.  Invitations have been sent out to the mailing list for SHARP.  If you have not received yours and the room details, please email

All SHARP members are welcome to come along to listen and contribute in this unique opportunity.  We hope you will attend.

For this exciting first session, we will be joined by Dr.Liz Milne (UoS) and Hester Reeve (SHU), who will make a short presentation about their respective works, along with Jonathan Drury who will present some background to Autism Dialogue current work.

Liz Milne is Director of Sheffield Autism Research Lab (ShARL: University of Sheffield), has a BA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford and a PhD Psychology from UCL.  Liz’s primary research goal is to understand the nature of perception in autism.  Underlying her work on autism is a general interest in understanding human attention and perception processes.  Liz received a grant from the British Academy to run a research and public engagement project entitled Autism Spectrum Conditions in Adulthood and recently wrote a full research proposal for Autism Dialogue as a potential method for measuring efficacy in improving well-being and network cohesion.
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Hester Reeve is a Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University and is responsible, along with Helen Blejerman, for introducing Bohm Dialogue into the BA.  Her research encompasses live art, philosophy, drawing, David Bohm’s ‘Dialogue’ and social sculpture. She is interested in “the relationship between critical thinking and human agency in everyday life particularly when it is risked through the figure of ‘the artist’ (where what constitutes an artist is broadly conceived and not exclusive to art school training).”  Hester will introduce details of her extensive preparation and latest developments of Bohm Dialogue as a research model.
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Autism Dialogue are grateful to SHARP for hosting this event.

Liz Milne – Understanding ASC in adulthood: insight from interviews and brain imaging