Autism Dialogue Support Group for CV19

Free Places on the New Online Talking & ListeningGroup
for Sheffield Autistic People and Parents / Carers. 


We’re pleased to announce a grant from NHS / CCG Autism Services to support autistic people and their families in response to Covid-19 in Sheffield.  This is an opportunity for us to respond to this situation with extra sessions and reach Sheffield residents via Zoom.

NHS-CCG logoThere are a limited number of FREE PLACES available for autistic adults and parents / carers.

You are welcome every Wednesday from May 20th – July 22nd at 4pm – 5.30pm.

See lower down the page on how to apply and read more about what we’ll be doing here.


Research by the National Autistic Society shows that autistic people are four times more likely to be lonely than non-autistic people (2018).  We know that loneliness can cause mental health problems. The internet allows us to do our work easily and research shows people with Asperger Syndrome and (so-called) high functioning autism are comfortable using the internet for communication purposes (Benford and Standen, 2009).

macbook with zoom logo with pens, notepad on wooden desk on rug

Autism Dialogue sessions can have psychological benefits that go far beyond providing emotional support and a time of recovery.

The Autism Dialogue Approach™ directly and holistically addresses NICE autism guidelines for CCG’s in several areas, including ‘Adjustments may need to be made for the person’s development level and their patterns of communication and interaction’. (2014)

This is seed funding for a three month project, which, if succesful, will be extended with further funding in order for us to support even more people.  Healthwatch and Voluntary Action Sheffield, who have been selected for overseeing the overall project, have stated this will be partially determined by the Covid-19 situation at the time.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and working in a great partnership with the NHS and local organisations.

We are grateful to Sheffield Flourish for their workshops and Sheffield Autistic Society for further support.

Please note this group is for Sheffield residents, but if you are not in Sheffield you can still join our other groups.

Ideally you need to have a computer to use Zoom but a pad or phone is ok.  You do not need a Zoom account.


Click the banner to register for your free place on the
Sheffield Autism Dialogue Support Group Online

Benford, Penny & Standen, Pj. (2009). The Internet: A comfortable communication medium for people with Asperger syndrome (0S) and high functioning autism (HFA)?. Journal of Assistive Technologies. 3. 44-53. 10.1108/17549450200900015.

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