Online Autism Dialogue Begins

To access the Sheffield Autism Support Group, please first read the Autism Dialogue Guidelines below.

Every Wednesday from May 20th – July 22nd.


Global Autism Dialogue Online Programme continues every Friday 4pm – 5.30pm Register here.

A new series for Sheffield residents only (autistic adults and parents / carers), in response to the COVID-19 emergency response, will commence on May 20th, see above.

We use Zoom, which is adequate to use directly on the web or you can download it to your computer or device for additional functionality.

  • Individual coaching and mentoring is also available, details here or please enquire for more info.

Autism Dialogue COVID-19 Guidelines.

You might find it helpful to print these off. 

  • Emotions are naturally higher at this time of medical emergency, please be aware of risk of triggering others during your time speaking.
  • Know the four dialogic practices.
  • No need to repeat news, general advice or hearsay.
  • Everything spoken and others’ identities is confidential (unless you have permission from someone to reveal they attended).
  • Your microphone should be on ‘mute’ if there is background noise in your environment. The host has the ability to mute you in case this becomes necessary.
  • Please test your equipment before the meeting. You can call a friend on it to test it.
  • You do not need to have your camera on but if you can it is better for the group.
  • There is no obligation to speak at all.
  • Please rest your camera on something so your screen isn’t moving around.
  • We try to maintain a relatively calm and focussed atmosphere, so you might like to turn your camera off if you want to move around a lot.
  • The facilitator will introduce the session and explain these ground rules before we do a check-in. The ‘check-in’ will be something like saying what brings you to the session and what is present for you, within an allotted time, depending on how many are present etc.
  • There is no agenda other than generosity, care and deepening of the practices outlined below.
  • The link to the Zoom room will be accessible when you register, please ask if you need help.

These guidelines and this page will be updated.

Dialogue is a method that has to be understood a little before joining in. We all learn together and aim to deepen understanding and awareness.

Here is a graphic that explains the four practices – understanding and maintaining them is the minimum requirement. Detailed explanation here. There is lots more information on this website.

If you have read and understood the information above, please click the banner to register.


Feeling pressure and just want someone to talk to or explore things with?
See our professional coaching mentoring services here.

Page updated 4 May 2020.

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