“One thing that’s really struck me is just how connected I felt (or feel) with the other participants – especially the other auties, but also the non-autistics (it’s why I hope we can find other ways to continue to conversation and stay connected in future). What a wonderful group of people. I can’t really adequately […]

‘Compassion, respect, affinity and engagement’

“We sat in a loose, informal circle and took turns to speak as and when we chose to (if at all), sometimes responding directly to each other’s comments and sometimes just riffing on the subject and thinking aloud together. At the start of the session we were given some loose and inclusive guidelines in order […]

A sense of calm..

Attending Autism Dialogue for the first time was a wonderful experience and I would enthusiastically recommend it to other autistic adults who would like to have an open and compassionate discussion about autism, their own experiences and lives, and the ways that autism can be approached, shared, and even celebrated through this style of group […]

Empowering and eye-opening..

I’d like to thank you and Liz for putting on the event – it was much better than I expected, and I’d be keen to see/attend more such things happening. I didn’t know quite what to expect from my first Bohm dialogue, but it was impressed by the process and the results. I thought I […]

Feeling valued..

The conversation was very free flowing, and it was clear that nothing was wrong – that meant interesting links were made between really different subjects, all with the threads of an autistic perspective running through. Afterwards I felt a mixture of elation at having participated in something exciting and new and disappointment that the time […]

Free flowing autistic perspectives..

A slow, mindful, dialogue, good pace in which to really be able to think about input and sharing of information, stories etc.  Not noisy over overtalking, and no interrupting and ‘talking over’ others.  I am curious how this will work in a larger group, I may not ‘get on’ so well with it, but I will try again!  Afterwards […]

Help with loneliness..

“I’ve never seen an event of this kind for and with Autistic people that was so calm and inclusive.”

Ian Dale, Head of Research, National Autistic Society

I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I was buzzing when I got home and thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue experience. I think there would be a lot of value in continuing this and I think we should look for ways to be able to do that. Dr. of Psychology

More ways to dialogue..

“There is a long way to go before we are seen as a minority like ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities. Your Dialogue events will get us there a little more quickly.” Nick Chown (author).

Nick Chown (author)

It was very interesting indeed! Such a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives, knowledge and expertise! I am looking forward to any upcoming events! I would love to get involved! – A PhD student.

Perspectives, knowledge and expertise..