Information and Advice about Coronavirus and Dialogue

Because of Coronavirus we are experiencing a lot of changes and so naturally, there are enhanced emotions and concerns, moreso in the world of autism.

To view our latest new on the NHS funded scheme go here.

Autism Dialogue is a peer support community for exploring thought and experiences together. These unusual circumstances will influence us all and our dialogues.  A recent online session was an example of how dialogue can reveal deep, shared concerns and allow them to be examined and felt in a supportive environment – what we refer to as the ‘safe container’, even online among people who haven’t previously met – a testament to the human spirit present and the enduring power of dialogue.

When deep emotions surface it can be followed by a period of tiredness and low-mood, as you get used to the inner shift, so please rest and stay fed and hydrated until you feel balanced again. A walk in the park, some woods or fields in the morning is a good way to get some vitality back into your being, so is mindfulness meditation and simple exercise.

Because of the exceptional circumstances and the effect the social situations may have on each other and our dialogues, if you are feeling more upset than usual or have concerns that won’t go away, seek help. This may include having a confidential conversation with a trusted family member, friend or another person.

If there is anyone within our community you would like to connect with and would like their email address, please ask and we will gladly pass on your request.*

There is also a resource page at the NAS, which includes lots of advice for staying well and they have a list of counsellors too.

And Autistica (research charity)

All with a connection to autism are welcome, so as always, please refer anyone you think would like to join us by asking them to send a brief email stating why they would like to join, to

*GDPR applies




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