Autism Dialogue 2019




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Autism Dialogue programme AD19 started on March 15th.

Are you autistic? Do you identify as autistic? Are you a family-carer or work or research in autism and over 18?  If you are, you are welcome to join us and be part of a growing community, whose aims are ultimately to improve life for all autistic people.  We believe that a holistic approach, involving a wide range of people, is the best way to do this and of course you will hopefully benefit in many ways.

Dialogue is easy to learn because it has its roots in ancestral story sharing, which we all used to do!

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Quaker Friends Meeting House Sheffield
The Autism Dialogue meeting room (Sheffield Quaker Centre)

Each dialogue session will be held in Sheffield, UK (in the room pictured here) and run from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.  We understand this is a fairly long session, which is why we have a comfortable, autism-friendly room at the Quaker Centre (pictured) and with refreshments available for the break (3pm – 3.15pm). For refuge, there is a quiet area just outside of the room and Sheffield’s lovely and peaceful cathedral is very nearby.

This year there are eight sessions and after the first session on March 15th (where you can come to see if you like it), then it’s best to commit to the rest of the programme, to maintain the maximum continuity.  There will around 20 people taking part in our new community, some will have been before, some will not.

Sessions are generally found to be enjoyable and engaging, sometimes emotional and frustrating – this is part of the work we do, supporting each other through the process.  The series has delegates coming from a wide range of interesting backgrounds and places, not usually found together.

The programme is convened this year by Jonathan Drury and Caroline Pakel.

To help cover ongoing costs, we kindly request a suggested minimum donation of:
£40 (individuals)
£80 (organisations)
You can book your place now on this page.  If you don’t want to use Eventbrite, just send an email instead. You can make a donation on this page now (anonymously if you like) or when you attend. 

2019 programme dates (programme now full – no more places available, sorry, although you can still attend our conference on Nov 29th – more details announced here soon)

Friday March 15th – Introductory day, see if you like dialogue.

Friday April 26th

Friday May 17th

Friday June 28th

Friday July 19th

Friday August 16th

Friday September 27th

Friday October 18th

Friday 29th November – Conference

Quaker Meeting House – video of entering the venue here.

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Autistic? Or not sure? Although official diagnosis is not necessary, to maintain respect for other delegates and our aims, unfortunately we cannot accept applications from anyone who intends to use the sessions to explore the personal possibility, and we advise you seek other means at this time.

Dialogue is a specific methodology, which requires some basic understanding. If you have not already, you must read about Autism Dialogue here before you book a place.  Please spend some time absorbing this material we have carefully written.  There is also a page of frequently asked questions here that we strongly encourage you to read.

Some points to read – you will also receive these in an email once you are booked on the programme.

  • Places on Autism Dialogue programme are strictly limited so if you are unsure about taking part in, please do not book a place or get in touch.
  • If you are new to Dialogue but nervous about attending, we encourage you to attend the first session to see if you like it, then continue.
  • Some basic material will be sent to you via email beforehand and will be repeated verbally at the start of the sessions. Some FAQ are here and the four Dialogic Practices are here.
  • You must have ability and willingness to support the group’s aims, which is made up of about twenty adults (including the facilitators), many of whom are autistic.  Some of the attendees will have attended previous sessions, some will have not.
  • Please be aware this is a safe, community, peer-support method and not a research or therapy environment.
  • Places on this course are free but we are a charity and kindly ask for a non-obligatory sinlge donation (£40-80) to help cover expenses. Donations can be made here.
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Quotes from last year:

“What a wonderful group of people. I can’t really adequately describe the combination of compassion, respect, affinity and engagement with others that I’ve had – it seems somewhat unique.” 

“Attending Autism Dialogue for the first time was a wonderful experience and I would enthusiastically recommend it to other autistic adults who would like to have an open and compassionate discussion about autism, their own experiences and lives, and the ways that autism can be approached, shared, and even celebrated.”

More quotes here.

Improving Skills weekend (dates to be confirmed) – this will be an extra two-day session.  It is to be co-designed by our group and Jane Ball, an internationally renowned dialogue practitioner and co-founder of the Academy of Professional Dialogue.  This two-day workshop will take you deeper into your own self-discovery, the dynamics of dialogue and our unique community, teach you more about the autism dialogue practices, and allow you to contribute to development of our growing dialogic community.  There will be a separate donation/fee for this.

Further information and booking will be announced.

Anyone who has any personal concerns about autism, please go to: (National Autistic Society are not connected to us).

DISCLAIMER: Autism Dialogue is the name for a peer-led community discussion exercise. The organisers make no claim to be experts in autism or dialogue methodology whatsoever, they are volunteers acting in an independent capacity and are not responsible for any matters arising (whether personal, mental or physical, including loss or damage of property) as a consequence of anyone attending the meetings described. View our safeguarding policy here.  The Quaker Meeting House has its own building rules and regulations, which you can obtain from their office. We are members of the Academy of Professional Dialogue and Sheffield Autistic Society.