The Holly Bridges Interview

Interview with autism author and practitioner Holly Bridges, prior to departure from Perth, Australia for a working tour to the USA and UK. In an at times, candid and personal discussion, the pair cover a wide-range of difficult, contemporary (and historical) issues around the phenomenon of autism, the limitations of Western science and language, and try to address some of the deep-seated problems autistic people constantly face in a predominantly medical, deficit-based environment.
Holly is a keynote speaker, workshop leader and 1:1 therapist and the founder of the Autism Reframe Technique (A.R.T), which is based on the widely respected Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porges) along with inspiration gained from Anat Baniel’s pioneering ‘neuromovement’.
Holly starts from the premise that every autistic person can ‘upgrade’ their mind / body connection, if they are given the right tools and are treated respectfully, positively, and creatively. The beauty of the PVT, Holly says, is that it can explain to autistic people what might be happening for them. Holly’s technique pushes past the ‘glass ceiling’ of autism, reducing the sensory distress and re-engaging awareness of the physical system. Holly says “I don’t work with how to make autistic people fit into the world, just how to fit into their body better.”

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